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Who we serve

Given my risk management focus on financial advice, my target market is not the entire universe. I focus on working with three specific types of clients for whom I know I can make a real difference.

1. Successful Individuals & Families

Many of our clients have accumulated substantial wealth and look to me to develop a holistic written financial plan to help ensure they will be able to reach their long-term goals. Managing your wealth, protecting accumulated assets, and leaving a legacy are usually key goals. I help you with tax management and insurance planning strategies, while introducing you to effective trust planning options as well. I also offer customized charitable giving strategies to help you positively impact the charities you’re most passionate about.

2. Nonprofits and the donors who support them

Funding is always a challenge and my goal is to help your organization do the most good with effective investment strategies that maximize an existing endowment or help you get one started so you can fulfill your mission. I also assist your donors with creative planned giving strategies to help them make the most impact with their philanthropic dollars while also maximizing their individual tax benefits.

3. Closely Held Business Owners

Protecting what you’ve built and helping you preserve wealth so you can retire sooner rather than later are my key goals for you. I present tax-efficient planning strategies to help minimize federal and state income and estate taxes, as well as identify appropriate insurance vehicles to help protect against unnecessary wealth erosion. I also offer advanced planning techniques to help position you for the exit strategy you desire, whether that’s a succession plan and transferring the business in a tax-efficient way, or minimizing capital gains taxes on the sale of the business itself. And, I have experience with a wide range of businesses, from large corporations to professional services firms, as well as other sectors such as technology and publishing.