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Strategies for Tax Conscious Investing

Wealth erosion caused by unnecessary taxation of your investments and income is one of the most substantial costs you will incur during your lifetime as an investor. Minimizing that erosion is one of our most important fiduciary duties when we create your written Financial Plan. After a detailed analysis, we recommend allocating your investment assets to the most appropriate tax-efficient or tax-managed investment strategies possible, given your unique objectives.

The end goal: you keep more of what you've worked so hard for.  

With our focus on reducing the risk of unnecessary future taxation, we have successfully recommended and implemented many tax conscious investment planning strategies. As a result, we have helped our individual and corporate clients more effectively reach their long-term goals. We use many different strategies depending on your objectives, but here are five strategies to get you thinking.

  1. Consider tax managed investment advisory portfolios to help you reduce or eliminate unnecessary short and long-term capital gain taxes.
  2. Take advantage of actively managed municipal bond portfolios to help you create federally tax-free income.
  3. Employ income tax diversification strategies to help you reduce the potential future net effective tax rate on your retirement income distributions. 
  4. Add life insurance based supplemental savings strategies to your overall investment plan to help you create future tax-favored income. 
  5. Consider the benefits of irrevocable trust-owned deferred annuity contracts to help you defer annual income taxes on your trust's investment income.

Regardless of the magnitude or source of your wealth, we have found that many of our clients have been able to benefit from one or more of these tax-focused strategies. Rely on us to show you how to help reduce your unnecessary taxation.

Representatives of Signator Investors, Inc. do not provide tax and legal advice. Please consult your tax advisor or attorney for such guidance.