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Planned Giving

Why Consider Planned Giving?

Planned Charitable Giving is a smart way to make your philanthropy work harder for you using customized estate and tax planning strategies. Usually a major gift, they can be made during your lifetime or planned for after you pass. As part of your overall financial planning, they can help you provide for the charities of your choice in a way that helps maximize your gift and minimize your family’s tax impact. There are many such strategies at our disposal, and there are pros and cons to each depending on your financial situation. Here are our top five.

Strategies to Consider:

  1. A gift of appreciated securities
  2. A contribution to a Donor Advised Fund to facilitate ongoing charitable gifts
  3. The donation of a life insurance policy to the charity of your choice
  4. A Charitable Lead Trust for an immediate charitable impact
  5. The gift of an interest in a closely-held business

Top Reasons to Use Planned Giving

It’s a powerful way to fund causes close to your heart and give back to your community.

  1. You can take advantage of potential tax benefits, such as paying no capital gains tax on a transfer of securities or reducing potential future estate taxes with a bequest.
  2. You can create a lasting giving legacy for your family with named projects.
  3. Often you can make a more substantial gift using these strategies than you could with an outright gift.
  4. You can share the habit and enrichment of philanthropy across multiple generations.

There are Planned Giving strategies and potential benefits for almost every donor. Contact us to see what makes sense for you and your family.