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Randal's Story

Why I do what I do

As happens for so many of us, personal events foster major life changes. I’d always been intrigued by finance and numbers and studied business at Bryant University. I worked in banking and mortgages during and after college, steadily moving ahead. I was close with my family, but my grandmother, a widow, was living in Sarasota, Florida for years prior to my entering the working world. She began to suffer from Alzheimer’s and we did all we could to help, but it finally got to the point where she needed skilled nursing care as the cost for around-the-clock care in her home was astronomical.

She eventually spent the balance of her retirement savings on her care. My family knew that this wasn’t what she wanted to happen to the nest egg she’d worked so hard to save up during her lifetime. I then realized if she’d had the right financial planner or if a trust had been structured in the right way, she would have been much more financially protected and things would have turned out very differently.

That’s when I knew what my career focus had to be. If I could prevent that outcome from happening to my clients and their families, then that would be a life well lived. As a new Financial Advisor I was drawn to the importance of the insurance side of financial planning, and the altruism associated with protecting my clients’ assets resonated deeply. I was committed to learning and discovering those solutions and strategies that would help preserve my clients’ financial assets and their legacy plans. Then, I layered in more financial planning education so I could offer true holistic financial planning services by completing the CFP® Certification Curriculum as well as the Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) professional designation with The American College. In addition, I’m currently studying to earn my Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy designation.

The result is that I now bring a conservative lean to all financial planning for my clients, focusing equally on wealth accumulation and risk management. I bring my personal passion to protecting what they have while helping them navigate to a financially independent future.

Today, I derive true happiness from helping individuals, closely-held business owners and nonprofits manage and protect what they’ve worked for and leave a legacy for their families and society.